welcome to nicole’s notes!annabanana and me

If you haven’t already guessed, my name is nicole and these are my notes about my overseas internship with VIDEA, an amazing NGO focused on human rights, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

I am currently living in Uganda and working as an Environmental Sustainability Officer for Bushara Island Camp, an eco-tourism resort on Lake Bunyonyi. I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow from the people and place I am in, and to also have the ability to do what I love most – which can basically be summed up as being outside, be surrounded by amazing people, and GROW FOOD!

The main focus of my work is to support initiatives that enhance food security on the island, work with the Agro-forestry team and learn about the local environment, and assist in any other ways to increase sustainability on the island!!

This blog is an important requirement of my internship, as it is a way to share my thoughts and experiences with friends, family, and whoever else decides to read! At first writing felt intimidating – although it still does – because its easy to think your story isn’t important in light of all the serious issues that exist in the world. It’s easy to be worried about not writing in a thought provoking, sensitive, yet at the same time, interesting and humorous way. But after a few months of being here, I have come to realize how important every persons story is! We all have something important to share and contribute, and we all have a responsibility in creating a just and equitable world.

So this is my story –  a small part of a larger important story about development work in Uganda. I hope that these stories will contribute to changing the current negative narratives and misconceptions about the continent I am currently living in, I hope writing will allow me to reflect and learn over the short few months during my time in Uganda, and I hope that whoever is reading will enjoy!


❤ nicole